A Non-profit initiative of Peaceful World Movement.

Company Profile

CHI-PEACE Industries: A Division of Quality of Life Solutions, Inc.


Founded: 2010

Founder: Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean


Areas of expertise: 
Research, development, evaluation, implementation, social emotional and leadership development.

Recent Projects


We have developed a line of ties that we refer to as "Ties for Peace." This is an exciting program where young persons will learn now to tie ties, and have conversations with professionals who wear ties as part of their work attire. 

Worldwide Collaboration for Responsible Policing:

To see responsible police and criminal justice practices as a constant reality in every part of the world.

CHI-PEACE Theme Song Contest:

A competition for local Chicago musical artists to compose a theme song for CHI-PEACE. CHI-PEACE Themesong Contest.pdf

CHI-PEACE Citizen Choice Award: 2015 Chicago Police Good Conduct Award
This is an event to promote police good conduct by creating a platform where Chicago citizens can nominate a police officer whose behavior is exemplary as good conduct. While we denounce police misconduct, we seek to identify, highlight, and incentivize police good conduct. Details of date, location, and time are soon to follow.

CHI-PEACE is a brand licensed to Peaceful World Movement. a  501 c 3 organizations whose mission is to create a Peaceful World Industry as a sustainable antidote to violence, crime, delinquency, and their associated troubles.  


What We’re Doing

Promoting the Peaceful Way